Elico Harwood Synthetic Riding Boots

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These are good quality, hardwearing, synthetic riding boots with a very realistic leather look.

There is an elasticated stretch panel alongside the full length zip at the back of the boot to give a comfortable fit, with spur supports.

The boots have a durable, smooth anti-slip sole and also a cambrill-type lining for comfort.

Colour: Black
Sizes 37 to 43


SIZE 37 Height -42cm   Calf - 34cm
SIZE 38 Height- 43cm   Calf - 35cm
SIZE 39 Height- 44cm   Calf - 36cm

SIZE 40 Height-45cm    Calf - 37cm

SIZE41 Height- 46cm    Calf - 38cm

SIZE 42 Height-47cm    Calf - 39cm